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A prodigious singer

Aamer Saeed is an Egyptian singer born in Alexandria. He discovered early on his musical vocation, thanks to the encouragements of his music teacher who regularly invited him to sing solo at the school shows. He later joined the band of the famous Sayed Darweech.

He also had the opportunity to celebrate various events for the fifth television channel in Egypt. He then joined the Institute Conservatoire and the University of Alexandria where he received the title of “first singer”. If Aamer was clearly distinguished in the arts and music, he was also an emeritus athlete.

He indeed grew up in a family of athletes, and his father was the world champion in boxing. This prodigious singer released his first music video clip in 2005, "Akher Kalam", then "Habibi Nadini", which is the title of his album released in 2008. A big hit!

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