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Abdel Hadi Hussain is a famous singer from the Saudi Arabian kingdom.

He was born in the 1970’s to an artistic family, who took care of his talent, till he became the star Abd El Hadi Hussain. In 2003, and after he had released the album "Msamhek", he left the scene because of contract expiration with his ex-label, to be back in 2006 and to sign with Rotana.

In 2008, Rotana sponsored the album "Abdel Hadi Hussain 2008 Gheir" which was followed, in 2009, by "Jalsat Khassa". All along his career, Abdel Hadi has collaborated with many of the greatest figures of the Khaliji song such as the composers Saleh Al Shahry, Mohamed Shafik, Dr Abd El Rab Edrees, Nasser Salah, Salah Mohamed, Hussain Amrou, Bandar Saad, Jassem Al Jassem, and many others.

In addition to his releases, Abdel Hadi marked many participations all over the Arabian Golf, and in the Americas, such as his participation in the concert launched by the Saudi Embassy in the USA, in tribute to the Saudi graduates from the American University. Abdel Hadi Hussain is planning to honor his repertoire with patriotic songs, in addition to an Orchestra album, where he will collaborate with other great figures of the Khaliji song.

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