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Abdel Rahman El Hoseny was born on May 21st in Beni Suif, Egypt.

He has been singing since an early age and performing on stage in the school celebrations. His mother encouraged him to work hard to combine studies and art despite their limited resources.

"Irjaâ li kalbi" is the title that opened him the hall of fame. He was invited to sing all over Egypt, from Aswan to Cairo via Fayoum. He recorded 11 songs before releasing his first album "Mahema wassaft" in 2011.

It is a success. Abdel Rahman El Hoseny won three times the award of best rising star: once in 2009 and twice in 2010. His repertoire includes "Hokouma fil madi" and "Omy malesh ghereha". We have not finished hearing about this new voice of the Egyptian pop

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