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Abdul Aziz Al Dowahi is a Kuwaiti artist, born on November24th, 1971, in Kuwait.

As for his education, Abdul Aziz got the technology studies diploma. Later on, he joined the conservatory, where he studied music for only one year. In fact, his work at the Media ministry, did not give him enough time to fulfill his music studies.

When he was very young, the boy felt a great passion for music and singing, which pushed him to learn the Oud intrument. Being, later on, encouraged by his family circle, he started honing his talent by performing in family gatherings and special events.

Abdul Aziz is so talented that he can perfectly sing in any Arab dialect, for instance, he sings in Kuwaiti, Khaliji, Egyptian, and Lebanese dialects. This talent has paved the way for him to meet many of the most known figures in the Arab music world, who always get amazed by his performance, predicting a good future for him.

The artist released his first album, entitled “Ghayarouk” in 2003, to meet his first astonishing success. Indeed, the album introduced him as the true promising artist. Later on, more successful works followed, as he collaborated with many of the best poets such as the prince Abdullah Al Fayçal, and Khaled Al Bathal, with whom he gave birth to the famous song “Alemeeny”.

Abdul Aziz witnessed many festival and special events participations. For instance, he participated in “Hala Febrayer” in Kuwait, the International Festival of Cairo, and the Tunisian song festival, where he performed the song “Ja’at Taqoul”, composed and written by Adnan Besharah. In 2008, he released the album “Hatitek Brassi”.

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