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Mr. Middle East

Abdulaziz Kassar is a Kuwaiti model, photographer, and singer. Before launching into the music, this young artist was first produced in a few plays and in making documentary films, including a film about the life of Sheikh Jaber Sabbah Al Ahmad. He also creates as graphic music album covers for several singers, including Issam El Kamel and Abdulaziz Duweihy.

It was in 2010 that the public had the pleasure to discover him as a singer. He released a single that he himself wrote, composed by Mohammed Hamdan and arranged by Mido (Mohamad Al Shatti). He sings "Rouh Shouflak Thani Habib" in Egyptian dialect, and turns the video clip in Turkey. This song knew a huge success and appears on many television channels in the Arab world.

But it is "Ayeshny", released in November 2010, which will be the source of his fame. The lyrics were written by Amr Magdy and music composed by Ali Shaaban and composer Kareem Abd Elwahab. The official music video directed by Waleed Mahmoud appeared on the music channel Melody. Abdulaziz Kassar fans are still waiting impatiently two other singles, this time in Kuwaiti dialect, which should appear shortly.

Furthermore, other titles available on the net are assigned to Abdulaziz Kassar, such as "Azza Nawi, although many believe they recognize the voice of the singer Abdallah Salem. On the other hand, this young singer proclaimed "Mr Middle East" and "most handsome man in the Gulf”, although the title is already assigned to Al Wasmi, is now part of the top 100 sexiest Arab men.

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