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A group of Emiraty young men have decided to experience their artistic talents by creating a musical band called "Inchadi".

In 2004, two gifted young men, Fahd El Houssaini and Anas Addabii proposed to lead the whole band forward and to go for new challenges. This was achieved through the participation in a poesy festival with the interpretation of the song “ Hob Al Watan”.

In 2009, the band was enriched by the presence of Mohamed El Marzouki and El Hussein Al Idran. The band’s shape and level of production have become more and more important, as a fact, it has changed its name.

Nowadays, the band has got a new name, being “Addar Al Fanya Band”. Compared to the other young musical bands, Addar Al Fanya Band has gained a place thanks to their songs inclined towards patriotism and the youth’s expression of systems, such as: “ Al Watan”, “ Farhat Al Watan”, “Ya Tir”, tracks with a great success, which has encouraged and motivated the band more.

Further their tracks, the majority of which have been recorded in “Ya Tir” album. Addar Al Fanya collaborates with a lot of famous and singers such as Ahmed El Hachim, Mohamed El Mazem and others. These latters have highly valued the band’s woek, have provided it with the experience it needs.

At the present, Addar Al Fanya Band is ranked the top of the Emarati musical band’s list. The number of their fans, of different ages increases constantly. An excellent choral, a high degree of comprehension of worry and problem of the Emarati population are always the success keys of Addar Al Fanya Band.

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