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Native of Egypt from the city of Mahalla al-Kubra, Afaf Radi , whose real name Afaf Abdel Halim Radi is a singer and actress.

A little girl with a woman's voice

At a very young age, she was admitted to the Alcetenja school for children with gifts for music and singing. She had a voice worthy of a soprano despite her young age. In 1970, she began with very emotional songs. Meanwhile, she continued her piano studies at Alkoonsir Vetoar. She obtained her baccalaureate with honors at age 18.

Between musicals, theater and film, her heart balance

She started on stage in musicals such as « Merry Widow », « Les parents de Yassin », « Oh, les Roms, Alpejanola » and « Aadosh Finn ». She participated in castings and is selected for the musical film « Yadonia » in 1975 with actors Mahmoud Yassine and Mohi Ismaïl. Then she returned to the music scene where she felt more comfortable.

She released several melodies among them the famous « Ptsal Habibi Ya », « L’Égypte est ma mère » (Egypt is my mother), « Le plus éloigné que j'aime » (The farthest I love), « Le générateur » (The generator) and « Un bosquet de joie » (A grove of joy) or « Servitudes » (Servitude), « La paix » (Peace)… She recorded several music cassettes for children and sang in several plays in Egypt as « Alpejanola » and « Ah Aagjr », « Que la paix sourire » (Peace smile) and « La Veuve Joyeuse » (the Merry Widow).

A revelation in Egypt

Afaf Radi is one of the best voices of Egypt, she offerd her audience throughout her career high level compositions and cult films.

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