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Ahmed Nagy is born in Cairo in 1988.

He was raised in an artistic atmosphere as his middle class family was art and songs lover. His father liked to play Oud and his thus he developed his son's singing talent since he was 5 Years old. In the year 2000 Ahmed joined the high institute for music.

In 2007 he started his singing career with a song entitled "Ya Layali" from his first album "Resalah1" then in 2009 he issued an album called "Kalou Ketir Kalam" and another on entitled "Hits3" from which he clipped the song "El Mary Marinto".

In the year 2011, Ahmed produced the song "Wana Bahdonak". Ahmed was teached by famous music professors such as Dr. Mona Abd Al Ghany, Dr. Gehan Nasser. His favorite singers are Amr Diab, Shireen Abdul Wahab, Asalah Nasri, et Loai.

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