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Amarg Akdim is a Tamazight expression, which, translated into English, means “the old song”.

Amarg Akdim is the name of a Moroccan Tamazight music group, active in the 1970’s.

The band was formed by great masters of the Tamazight music, such as Raiss Houcine Elbaz, El Haj Omar Wahrouch, Mohamed Albensir, Mouley Ahmed Ahihi, and Raiss Mbarek.

The group released great albums under the label “la voix Maarif”, such as ‘Ouino trawlt’ and ‘Manitrit Azini’. The masters worked hard together to preserve the Tamazight heritage by recording the old Tamazight folklore, performing in social events inside the country and abroad.

The main trio of the group consisted of El haj Wahrouch, El Houcine Elbaz, and El Haj Elbensir.

El Haj Wahrouch was born in 1933, in Mzouda, Marrakech. He travelled all over France and performed in many concerts in the 1960’s and 1970’s till he died in 1991 in Berrachid Hospital.

Raiss El Houcine Elbaz, who was born in 1957 in Douar Jnane, is the youngest member of the group, yet he is almost the best, and he gained the respect of Raiss El Bensir.

El Haj El Bensir who was born in 1937, in Tamsoult, located in the Atlas Mountains, and who was the main member- rather the pillar- died in 1989, in the city of Casa Blanca, leaving behind a huge directory and heritage of Tamazight music.

Amarg Akdim’s performance is still appreciated and cherished by the Tamazight people all over the world.

The group was also open to other members, who joined in different stages, such as Ahmed Outaleb and Raiss Hassan Aglaou. Their fame overseas is as great as it is in the Atlas Mountains, the Rif provinces, and Souss provinces.

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