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The Algerian artist who was born on 25th July, 1983 in the famous village of Oran.

Despite studying cosmetics in France worked in a model agency, Amel Bouchoucha succeeded to discover her artistic talent for the sake of which she was supported by her father to present herself in the 5th session of Star Academy’s middle-eastern version. And here was the real start!

During her stay in the Star academy loft, she tried to sing successfully in many music genres like khaliji, Egyptian, Moroccan, Lebanese and even in different languages like English, French, thus having the opportunity to sing with the most famous stars like Tina Arena, Angoun, Nadia and others. This experience opened the gate for her to get acquainted with the most known faces in the Arab world and to develop her talent.

Although not having the star academy trophy, Amel gained a wide range of fans all over the Arab world. She went on fulfilling her artistic career working first with Rotana where she presented Pepsi Musica. Today, Amel Bouchoucha has discovered another side of her talent for she has recently participated as an actress in the Arab serial "Zakirat Aljassad" written by the Algerian author 'Ahlam Moustaghanmi', thus working with many known faces like 'Jamel Sleiman'.

She participated as well in the Arab Serial "Jalsat Nisaeiya", she played the role of Roaida, the rebellious woman. In September 2011, Amel Bouchoucha released "Darb Jnoun", a song in Lebanese dialect, composed by Samir Nakhleh and arranged by Roger Abi Aakl. The music video was filmed in Morocco, in the beautiful city of Marrakech under the direction of a French crew.

"Darb Jnoun" which is currently witnessing a huge success was produced by Yala Music, under the supervision of Music Is My Life. She renewed the song "Ya Rayeh", which is from the Algerian folklore, arranged by Fady Bitar and the AB Brothers. Amel was chosen by, one of the best websites in the region, and by Sayidaty magazine, among the finest publications in the Arab world, best actress for her role in the Syrian series "Jalsat Nisaeiyah".

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