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Amina Annabi , known as Amina, is a Tunisian-French artist, born in Carthage, on March 5th, 1962.

Her father is French whereas her mother is Tunisian. Amina grew up in an artistic environment. After the divorce of her parents, she was brought up by her mother, a composer and musician. Her grandmother was a musician too. On Sundays, her family used to gather to sing traditional "Malouf" as well as Italian songs. Her uncle was one of the founders of Tabarka Festival, where she had the opportunity to attend the concerts of international artists such as Joan Baez, James Brown, and Warda.

In 1975, Amina moved to France with her mother. At the age of 13 years old, Amina chose to start an artistic career. Indeed, she practised dance, and she learned classical and Egyptian traditional singing. At the age of 16 years old, she founded a group, which toured high schools. She was the band’s vocalist. She mainly sang Reggae and jazz.

In the early 1980’s, the French musical scene started to integrate African and Arab artistic influences. In the same period, in 1982, Amina had the opportunity to meet Martin Meissonnier, a musician and producer who was the first French producer to collaborate with African artists in France. A long professional collaboration started between them. They also got married and had a daughter. One year later, Amina won the first award in a rap contest, with "Sheherazade", an Arab rap song, which was released as a single.

In 1986, Amina recorded a duet ‘Shango’, with Afrika Bambaata. She also collaborated with the Japanese artist Yasuaki Shimizu, who invited her to perform in his album ‘Subliminal’. The same year, she performed as one of the choir in the album of another Japanese musician Haruomi Hosano, who is the founder of the Yellow Magic Orchestra. These Japanese collaborations made her very famous in Japan and she even went on tour in Japan in 1987.

In the beginning of the 1990’s, she released her first solo album "Ya Lil" (the Night). The album was simultaneously released in 22 countries. It was ranked fifth in the World music section of the Billboard magazine. In France, she obtained the Piaf 91 award of the best singer. In 1991, she represented France in the Eurovision Song Contest, held in Rome. She tied with the Swedish participant for the first place, but due to the European Broadcast Union’s rules, The French entry ranked second and the award went to Sweden.

One yare later, Amina released her second album "Wa Di Ye", co-produced by Diop. The album was successful and drove her to an international tour. In 1999, she released a third album "Annabi". Amina has also an experience in acting. Indeed, she started her career as an actress in 1989. She acted in the French movie ‘Maman’ directed by Roamin Goupil. Later on, she performed in several movies such as "Un thé au Sahara" directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, ‘La Belle Histoire’ directed by Claude Lellouche, and "La Nuit Scarée" directed by Nicolas Klotz.

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