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Born in 1976, Ammar Hassan is a Palestinian artist from the town of Salfit in the West Bank.

Ammar began very young to show signs of exceptional talent. During high school, he sang at parties and music competitions. This later led him to pursue his graduate studies at the Institute of Fine Arts at the National University "Najjah" in Nablus.

And at the end of his studies in 2004, he applied to the selections of the Arabic music show "Super Star", second edition. He finished second out of 17 participants, thereby paving the way for more artistic possibilities throughout the Arab world.

In 2008, he played alongside many artists in the operetta "Dhamir Al Arab" (Arab Consciousness). Among his best-known songs, "Lel Quds Namdhi" (Jerusalem, we come), "Baâdek Haich" (I will survive) and "BhebekYa Ommi" (I love you Mom) he also released a video clip, directed by Khaled Khassib.

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