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The father of Mediterranean music

Amr Diab is An Egyptian composer, singer and pop star born on October 11,1961. His first public performance occurred when he was just six years old during the Suez Canal independence gala in 1968. His father, being the financial controller of the maritime sector in the canal corporation, encouraged him to sing. That day, Amr performed the Egyptian national anthem “Biladi”. At the end of the performance, he was awarded by the Governor of Port SAID who offered him a guitar.

In 1983, Amr Diab released his first album ’Ya tareeq’. Then he released more albums in the years between 1984 and 1987 .In 1988, he released the album ‘Mayaal’, which became a hit album that gave him a huge fame through the Middle East and around the world.
Years later, success was always on the rendezvous thanks to albums such as: « ‘Shawakkna’, ‘ma tkhafech’, we yloumouni ». Amr Diab rapidly developed his own ‘pan-Mediterranean’ style by fusing Flamenco with Rai, Western pop and traditional Arab rhythms.

In 1996, his song ‘Habibi ya nour Elain’ became a world hit single. He has remained on top of the Arab music scene since then .In 1999; he released the album ‘Amarin’, which featured duets with famous singers such as ‘Qalbi’with the king of Rai ‘Cheb Khaled’.
Amr Diab revolutionized the modern Arabic music in many aspects such as the physical look and hairstyle, the high technology used in his video clips, the mingling of western music with Arabic rhythm.

In 2004 he signed a contract with Rotana records and released the album ‘Leily nhari’ and in 2007 he made a historic success with the album ‘Ellila di’ with the same Production Company. The album topped the charts for 22 weeks. He consequently received a world music award of the best selling artist in the Middle East. Besides, Amr Diab holds the record for the best selling artist in the Middle East with 22 million copies sold. He was the best Arabic artist in 1997. He won a Triple platinum award for his album ‘Nour Elain’ and a world music award for his achievements in Monaco 1998.

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