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Asma Salim is an upcoming Libyan female singer born to a Libyan father and an Algerian Tunisian mother. At the age of 17, she decided to relocate her residence and move to live in the neighbouring city of Tunis.

She met the famous composer Mohamed Salah Al Harakati. The latter was the one who noticed her bright talent and predicted a promising artistic career for her. Indeed, he introduced her to great artists and also gave her the chance to sing in great public events. Once appeared, the audience appreciated her warm, soft and amazing voice.

The fact of her singing in Lybian accent, made her even welcomed by the Tunisian audience who has a reputation for being open to the Arab cultures.

Her first titles met a wide success, and so did her last album “Hawel”, which consisted of 12 titles like “yamma”, and “Hawel Hawel”. She also performed songs from her orginal Lybia such as “wein ghamazni”, “Law kan tadri”, and “Ah yally tloum”. She sang in Syrian and Moroccan accents as well, for instance “winak habibi” and “Mithl adabi”.

In 2009, she released the album “Msemhek lellah” which was very salable.

Asma Salim is one of the voices that Lybians are extremely proud of.

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