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Asmara is a very talented Lebanese singer that was brought up in a family of intellectual artists where music had a great importance.

She was influenced at a very young age by her father, a renowned painter, and her brother, singer and musician who plays various instruments like the guitar, the flute and harmonica. Asmara grew up in an environment that encouraged all kinds of art. She took piano lessons for 6 years and practiced singing regularly.

At the age of 5, she took part in her school’s festival shows and performed a song from “Alice in Wonderland”. Her voice reached a very high pitch that impressed the audience that day. From that day forward, it became clear that she was obviously made for music.

Asmara is young and beautiful and her musical style is a mix between Western and Middle Eastern influences. She fluently speaks many languages some of which are Arabic, French, English, Spanish and Italian and uses them on a professional level. She also took guitar lessons in addition to classical and oriental singing lessons and even opera classes mainly with Mary Mahfouz, Aida Chalhoub and Nkoula El Osta.

Her first music video clip in Arabic "Enta Enta" was composed and produced by Jean-Marie Riachi, based on lyrics by Mounir Bou Assaf and directed by Kamil Tanios. This song allowed her to make herself known on the Lebanese music scene. In fact, when this song was broadcasted on local television and cable channels, it reached one of the highest viewer’s ratings.

"My first video clip, Enta Enta, will always have a special place in my heart…Words cannot describe my feelings when my first single came out. Some of the words to describe how I felt could be: incredible but also frustrating, fascinating, revealing, devastating ... I think I felt all the possible emotions at the same time. Sometimes, even when I’m recording in a studio, I can’t contain my excitement and start jumping for joy” She said.

After several performances in major events in Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Paris, London and appearances on various TV channels such as MBC, OTV, Dubai TV, Future TV Al a'an TV and many others, Asmara's career took off. Her talents for dancing and passion for oriental music attracted Super Star Ragheb Alameh’s attention who invited her to participate in the TV show “Taratata” on Dubai TV.

Her pluralistic personality and high range voice allow her to perfectly mix musical genres. As matter of fact, it is fascinating how Asmara can sing on contemporary pop music, but also on high pitched soprano melodies. Asmara recorded her second video clip "3al Halawa" written by Nabil Abu Abdo and Elie Habib, arranged by Jiji and directed by Fadi Layal Rahja. This video brought forward her charisma and undeniable talent.

The Lebanese artist’s dream is to travel around the world and become a greater artist. She would love to meet and coproduce with more singers and composers. “Yes I dream of Glory. I want to be recognized and admired but I also dream of stability, keeping my friends close to me and support my family. My dearest wish is to be happy, and, honestly, I can’t see why I wouldn’t be happy when I’m doing what I like to do" She said.

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