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Asser Sokar is born in Cairo on July 29.

Graduated from Faculty of Commerce, Ein Shams University. He obtained the first position in song competition organized by Universities. He joined the faculty of music, free studies section and participated in many concerts organized by Universities and clubs such as ( Ein Shams University, Cairo university, El Zouhour club, El Nasr club and El Nasr City club) as he met the good acceptance of the audience.

His real beginning as a pro singer started with a video clip of a song entitled "Hettitna El Adima", lyrics by the great poet Youssef Taha and was broadcast on satellite channels. He had the honor to sing a duo with the late big singer Hassan El Asmar, on the occasion of Egypt’s Revolution, entitled "Elly Yeheb Masr" that was also aired on satellite channels.

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