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Bachir Abdou, music from father to son

Bachir Abdou was born in 1958 in Marrakech. His passion for music arose in him at a very young age and especially while he was attending Koranic psalmody seminars. Bachir Abdou owns a degree from the Music Conservatory of Rabat where he took courses for four years in music theory and Oud (Arab luth).

The Moroccan artist met his wife, an actress named Nazha Ragragui, in Tunisia during a cultural event. Back then, he was a composer in an orchestra alongside other popular musicians including Mahmoud El Idrissi. Nezha was a member of the National Theatre troop, through a play called Kadi Lhalka.

They instantly fell in love of each other and had their first son, Saad Lamjarred in 1986 who became later on, just like his father, a brilliant artist.

In 2007, Saad successfully took part in the show "Superstar" on the Lebanese channel “FutureTV”. As far as Bachir’s career is concerned, he was part of the famous TV show entittled “Maouahib” and hosted by Abdenbi Jirari. In 1980 he released his first single Ghayri Aala Assoulouani Kadirou composed by Abdelkader El Kadiri.

One year later, he participated in the Bizerte Festival in Tunisia, and then he was invited to the show "Mosaic" in Paris. He became very notorious and increasingly requested by his audience especially after releasing the following songs: Wnta Dayez, Hna Mgharba and that have proven highly successful.

Bachir Abdou is a singer, but he is also a ‘sung poetry’ lover. In fact, he sang many poems, one of which is A9bala Al Sob7 written by the Tunisian famous lyricist Abou Kassem Chabi. These ballads aired regularly on Moroccan radio and TV channels.

The musical repertoire of Bachir Abdou is very wide, and some of its most renowned titles are: 3orss, awlad nass, Bachir, hna almgharba, hna mgharba, Ila Men Ahwa, kan yamken, mchat ayam, sawah, Wanta daiz, ya 3ajaba, yaholwa donia….

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