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Bouchaib Ziani , a Moroccan artist of Ayta and Chaabi music, native to the city of Casablanca, yet, very active in the city of Oujda.

Bouchaib has released many albums over the last decade .On November 5th, 2009,he released one of his best albums under Meftah Music production entitled “Hrabna Al police”, which included great titles like “Nayda “, “Zari”, “Chkoun blani bik”, and “Chadouk a wldi”.

Bouchaib’s powerful voice made him one of the most appreciated singers of Chaabi music. Indeed, he is not only a national performer, but also a figure of Europe’s music scene, where a huge Moroccan community resides.

On February 26th, 2010, he released his latest album under the title “Waara dik Darya” including great songs. He also shot many massively watched video clips like “Li Bgha Yrayah” of October 2009, “Chkoun inti” of May 2008, “Fakartini Aala Marti” of March 2010, and also “Ach had El hasla” of 2010.

Bouchaib co-worked with several artists like Khaddoujj Zroukia, Khaddouj laghlimiya, and also other artists in a cocktail album with the title “Awra and Sukrana”.

Simply, he is one of the best artists of the Moroccan Chaabi music scene.

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