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The King of Rai

Khaled Haj Ibrahim, alias Cheb Khaled is an Algerian artist born in the Suburbs of Sidi Elhawari in the town of Oran on February 29,1960. He started his career at the age of 14 when he released the single "Trig Elycee". In the same period, he also founded his first music band "The Five Stars". Cheb Khaled used to perform in wedding ceremonies, local night clubs and music nights in his town.

He first sang in the Oran music festival, and got the title "Cheb" as well as his first award in 1985. A year later, Cheb Khaled travelled to France to perform in a music tour. Ever since, he has resided there. He did improve "Rai music" by introducing occidental instruments as well as the high-tech of recording studios into it. In 1992, he released his album "Khaled" in Los Angeles.

An album that broke the sale records in several countries. It was also considered one of the top sold albums of all time in France. The song "Didi" was one of the best world hits. Later on, he founded his second group with Rashid Taha, Cheb Faudel, and called it "123 Soleil". The group is known for the famous single hit "Ya Rayeh". The turning point in Cheb Khaled’s career was his meeting with John Jacques Goldman, the co-composer and lyricist of the hit "Aicha".

They released together the album "Sahra" in 1996. In 1999, he released his album "Kenza" in which he performed and co-worked with world artists such as Carlos Santana, Cameron Cartieu, Mylène Farmer, Melissa and others. Khaled is the first Arab artist to take the Arab Music into the world scene through ‘the Rai music’.

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