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Cheba Nabila is a Moroccan Rai artist and singer. She is considered as one of the new faces and best female voices in the new Rai era.

Cheba Nabila gained respect from critics, the public, and fellow artists due to the fact that she seized a great rank among Rai artists in Morocco in a very competitive environment.

Using the same Typical Rai Music, Cheba Nabila is more innovative than other artists in blending modern lyrics with classical Rai Music.

She is best known not only for singing the romantic Rai songs, but also for touching certain social issues and subjects through her songs. Her reputation as an artist in unbreakable because she is the youngest and most successful female Rai artist in today’s Morocco.

Cheba Nabila is also very innovative because she added her own touch and spirit to the Modern Rai making herself a magnet to the young boys and girls who adore her as a person and also adore her songs. Her best known singles are: ‘Ma tejbdou Lia Smitou”, ‘Yali Maak Kint’, ‘Mouk Waara”, and ‘Rah Lgalb Bghah”.

Cheba Nabila is just the Princess of Rai in full meaning of the words.

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