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El Ferda is an Algerian musical ensemble, led by Zaidi Houcine, mixing in a wonderful manner Sufi songs, ‘Medh’, ‘Hawzi’, ‘Sahraoui’, and ‘Isasoui’, with African Gnaoui rhythms.

El Ferda mainly plays ‘Knaddsian’ (in refrence to the area of Knaddsa) music, while modernizing it. Over the years, they performed in several festivals and became very famous in Algeria.

As authentic representatives of an ancestral musical heritage, they also performed in France, Tunisia, Canada, Morocco, and Libya.

They harmonize ‘Knaddsian’ music with a great subtlety. The ‘Knaddsian’ is a spiritual musical style, which appeared in the 19th century, in the area of ‘Knaddsa’.

El Ferda represents a musical style that is close to ‘ElMalhoun’, another musical style which approximately appeared in the same period. It mixes songs, poetry, and rhythms and has a religious air. They use several musical instruments such as the Guembri, the violin, the Mandolin, the ‘Oud’, the ‘Taaridja’, the ‘bendir’, and the ‘Derbouka’. Their music drives the listener to a transcendental state of relaxation (jedba) as well as to a state of fullness (Hal).

In 2004, El Ferda released an album ‘El Ferda_in Musique Plurielle Constantine’.

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