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El Hindi , also known as Cheb El Hindi, is an Algerian pioneer of Rai, born in the 1960’s.

He is considered as one of the very first artists of Rai to begin performing in the mid 1970’s.

All along his career, he has released over 30 albums and an uncountable number of music video clips and singles.

Indeed, his greatest albums are “L’avocat” of 1985, “Ma tezzafouch alia neddiha Marrokia” of 2006, “El gelb Mgatta” of 2010, “Bladna tani haja fort” of 2008, released by Laser Music, also the “Duo Album”, along with Othman and released by Voix D’or production in 2009.

El Hindi is a great Classic Rai artist, who sings for love, treason, social life, the homeland, immigration, and other themes that draw the attention of his fans.

His being active for three decades has made him amaze the Rai lovers by recording great songs in terms of lyrics and rhythms.

Moreover, Cheb El Hindi has made several appearances on European stages and also in national and regional festivals.

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