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El Mossilia is a musical group founded in Algiers, in 1932.

It is led by Bensmaia. Their goal was to promote a musical heritage, which was born in Baghdad, in the 8th century. The name of the group is a tribute to the founders of this musical style Ibrahim El Mawsili and his son Ishaq. This sweet music proliferated and was disseminated in the medieval Spain. Nevertheless, it is in Andalusia, where it witnessed its golden age.

Indeed, it reunited Muslim, Christian, and Jewish cultures. Now, this musical style is mainly known in the Maghreb countries. In 1951, El Mossilia merged with another musical group "El Djazairia", sharing the same ideology. Together, they formed "El Djazairia El Mossilia". Over the years, many music teachers and musicians participated in the group such as: Bouchara Mekhilif, Mahieddine Lakhel, Selma Touati, Youcef Boudouane, Abla Rahal, Halim Ikerbouchene, Rachida Larinouna, Kheireddine Bastandji, Sidi Ahmed Ben Siam, Sabeha Ben Marbet, Mohammed Ben Diba, Badreddine, Rida Boukoura.

Throughout the years, the group was led by different persons like Mohammed Ben Teffahi in 1932, Rachid Kasdali in 1951, Sidi Ali Benmrabet in 1964, and his son Nacereddine Benmrabet in 1998. El Mossilia succeeded in modernizing a traditional rich musical heritage, while preserving its basic musical values. This group of professional musicians is considered as one of the best groups performing compositions of the Arab musical heritage.

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