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The Happiest One

The happiest one
I owe you all my happiness and glee
Beside you I’m pleased , I rust you baby

Away from this whole world I’ve run
To share your life, your place, you’re my man
Here I come my love to stay
I’m all yours !
Who else feels the same tonight
Just like you and me ?

Together we can long for a world of love and glee
This universe , oh no baby
Won’t be enough I’d say ,

So lets live life in happiness !
Wonderful night .. Oh my goodness !
This is the life I’ve dreamed of
I’ll live for you my love
Baby when you touch me as I hold you tight,
I feel my life is perfectly right
What would I want more?
Keep their eyes off me
And please close the door!
Baby I’m all yours
The one I adore

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