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Fadel Shaker is a Lebanese singer born in the city of Sayda, on April 1, 1969.

Before reaching the age of 16 years old he already started performing in weddings and private gatherings and parties in his city. He is considered as one of the self-made persistent artists, because he never gave up his dream of being a star. He continued re-performing the songs of the old and new giants of the Arab music scene such as Sabah, Kadim Al Sahir, Abd El Halim Hafez, and Georges Wassouf for years.

He finally reached fame when he composed his song "Meta Habebe Meta". He then signed a contract to record three albums with "Stallions Production Company". In 1998, the great musician Salah El Charnoubi helped him to release his first album "Wallah Zaman". The album was successful and paved the way for him to produce his second album "Bayaa El Oloub" one year later. The album was also a major success and earned him popularity throughout the Arab world in a short time.

In 2000, Fadel released his third album "El Hob El Qadim" including many successful songs among which "Ash Min Shafak". In the same year, he released another album entitled "Sahrit Tarab" compiling old songs he had recorded earlier. He simultaneously released a song supporting the Palestinian cause "Oghniat Al Aqsa". Fadel Shaker had already acquired a great reputation in the Arab world with his first albums, but his fifth album "Hobak Khayal" experienced unprecedented success.

It ranked in the top sales in 2001. One year later, Fadel released the successful single "Ya Ghayeb", chosen as the best hit of the year. In 2003, he released another successful album "Sidi Rohi". Throughout his musical career, Fadel won many prestigious music awards. In a short time, he became one of the Middle East greatest music legends. He performed in major Arab Festivals in Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Jordan, Kuwait, and United Arab Emirates.

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