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فهد الحداد
فيصل الباروني
Mohammed Al-Awadhi

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Fahad Al Hadad , a Kuwaiti artist with multiple talents, whose personality is considered as rare and unique due to his perfectionism in composition, in addition to his ability to play more than one instrument, and also to his lovable singing.

Fahd’s passion for music was fed by his brother’s being a singer, and a Kanoun player.

His start in the world of instrument playing began with learning the Oud in 1987, and then he joined the conservatory and chose to master the violin instrument.

After finishing his high school studies, Fahd moved to Egypt and joined the institute of music, where he chose to take intensive special Oud courses.

His artistic activities were achieved in Egypt due to it’s being the Arab world cradle of all arts. That’s the reason why he chose it to be the homeland of his studies.

His start as a professional was with a patriotic song written by the lyricist Ali Maatouk.
Fahd composed the song by himself, while Haap music productions took charge of production and distribution.

The song played a great role in his meeting with Sheik Subah Alnacer, who helped and encouraged him to release his first album. The latter was entitled “Dhaaet seninek”, comprising 11songs in collaboration with many artists.

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