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Fairuz , is a Lebanese artist born November 21, 1935.

Endowed with multiple talents, she is considered as one of the most prominent Arab artists. She is a legend loved by millions of people from different generations all over the world. Born to a poor family, she started singing in family and neighborhood gatherings. In 1947, a member of the Lebanese Conservatory discovered her talent and great voice while he was teaching at the school she was attending.

Fairuz started as a chorus girl on the radio in the late1940’s. Amazed by her talent and voice, Halim El Roumi composed a song for her in1951. He, later, introduced her to Assi Rahbani, who became her husband in 1954. This meeting was a turning point in her life as well as in the life of the Rahbani brothers. Indeed, they produced together a song that drove Fairuz to the road of success.

The same year, Fairuz performed with the Bianco’s Orchestra one of the most known, well reputed and high performing musical plays at the time. In1955, she performed for the first time on the Egyptian National Radio Station. Two years later, she faced the public for the first time. In the 1960s, Fairuz starred in three motion pictures. In 1971, she went with the Rahbani brothers and troupe on a successful tour in the United States.

They also went on tours around the world. Along her career, Fairuz has performed on many prestigious stages including: Albert Hall in London, Carnegie Hall in New York, and the Olympia in Paris. In the late1970s, her relationships with the Rahbani brothers deteriorated and their cooperation broke. Nevertheless, she continued singing their songs as well as her son’s Ziad creative songs.

Starting from the 1950s and till now, Fairuz has been considered as a legend and icon thanks to her voice’s potential and her talent. She has been granted many awards along her career such as the "Cavalier Medal" by the president of Lebanon, which is considered as the highest award given to a Lebanese artist.

In 1981, while touring the US, she was honored by the senators, governors and mayors of various cities for being a great artist and one of the best performing singers of all times. Throughout most of her career Fairuz has reflected the Rahabani brothers’ -Assi and Mansour-art. Now, most of her work is done by her son Zied Rahabani. She continues to release new material and perform concerts around the world.

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