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ملاك صعب الامتلاك
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When Kuwait gives birth to an authentic Pearl

Fatoma is a fantastic female singer from Kuwait, who managed to snatch her privileged place in an overcrowded music scene.

In fact, what makes her deserve her status is her pure voice emerging from the same land that had given birth to Abdullah Ruwaished, Nabil Shuail and many other great artists.

Fatoma has been considered and described as a unique and incomparable artist by many critics and music experts, as she makes listeners enjoy some moments of muse, whenever they listen to her remarkable songs.

Among her best works we can mention “Ahla Arous”, “Asmar”, “Bekol el sedq”, “Heli we halali”, “Wagaat demaghy”, “Ya hamam yatir”, “Ya khajoul”, and “Zalmtni bhebk”. These songs ornament her album of 2008.

In 2009, she collaborated with the icon Harouma, to sing in duet with him in the prestigious concert “Mama Africa”, where she confirmed, once again, her talent.

Since she signed with the famous Rotana pro, Fatoma has been touring the Arab world countries to meet her fans, who always wait for her impatiently.

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