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Ferial Karim was born on 16 April 1938, and she died on 4 July 1988.

She is a multi-talented Lebanese artist. She is known above all for being a monologist and was famous for her comic roles and her popular songs. Ferial has worked and succeeded in theater, television, cinema and radio. She started singing before she was seven years old, and used to perform the songs of the Egyptian artist Thouraya Helmi in Cairo theaters.

As a child, Ferial acted in the Egyptian film "Sekket El Saleme" in its first part. She has started working in theater in Damascus where Mohamed Shamel casted her in many roles in the radio and in the television. Her most famous role is "Em Akhabar" in a television series, as well as "Zoumourod" in the series "El Denye Heik". She was known for her dedication to art, and she died in her last role on the theater stage.

Ferial Karim was married to the artist Mohamed Karim. Among her famous roles on stage : "Tabib Bel Reghem Anhou", "Waraa El Baravan", "Doctor Shoushou", "El Haa Al Telian", "Waw W Sin", and her role in the theater play "Wadi Shamseen" by Elias Rahbani and with Pascale Sakr. As for the television, her most famous works are : "Em Akhabr", "Beirut Bel Layal", "Sharee El Ezz", "Ya Moudir", "El Denye Heik", "El Los El Zarif", "Al Abweb El Sabaa", "The Millionaire", "El Bosta", "Ensa Hmoumak", "Siyarat El Jamiiye" and "Hakamat El Mahkame".

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