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Georges Wassouf, The Prince Of Arabic Music

Georges Ibrahim Al koury is a Syrian artist born in 1961. He started singing at an early age in his native village Kafroun, Homs, Syria where he used to perform "Mawwals" (Classical Arab songs) at school parties and private parties such as weddings. In 1973, Wassouf’s exceptional voice was discovered by his first manager and producer Georges EL Khouri, a well-known artistic journalist.

The same year, Wassouf moved from Homs to Damascus and from there to Lebanon where he performed in hotels and restaurants; and on different occasions such as private parties and weddings. Georges Wassouf used to perform songs of Oum Kalthoum, Wadii safi and Abdel Halim Hafedh. He won the admiration of people there and he thus became known as the "Prodigy Child".

In 1977, his fame spread and he started producing his own repertoire including songs composed by: Baligh Hamdi, Sayed Makawi, Nour El Mallah,and Chaker El Mouji. Henceforth, he became known as "Soultan Attarab" (King of music), in reference to his song "Al Hawa Soultan" (Love is a King).

Later, in 1980, he took part in the Tv program "Studio Al fan"(Art Studio) and became considered as the best Tarab singer in the Arab world. Georges Wassouf released his first album "Sultan Al Hawa" in 1984 under the Relax label. He cooperated with the same label for the four following albums namely: "Rouh El Rouh" (1992), "Shee Ghareeb" (1993), "Kalam Annes"(1994)and "Leil El Ashiqeen"(1996).

In 1998, he signed a contract with the Rotana label. He then released ten other albums:: Lissa "El Dounya Bi Khair"(1998), Tabeeb Garrah(1999), "Dol Mush Habayib" (2000), "Zaman El Ajayib" (2001), "Inta Gherhom" (2002), "Salaf Wi Deine" (2003), "Etakhart Kteer" (2004), "Heya El Ayam" (2006) , "Kalamak Ya Habibi" (2008), and "Allah Kareem" (2009).

He also produced several albums dedicated to the prestigious singers Oum Kalthoum and Abd El Halim Hafez. Through his career, George Wassouf toured and performed in various Arab countries, Europe and the United States. In 1985, he performed on the stage of the prestigious Roman theater of Carthage in Tunisia in front of more than 15,000 spectators.

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