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Gharam is a Jordanian singer, model and actress .

Nicknamed as Gharam, the artist refuses to say her real name, stating to her fans that her artistic name reflects her and there is no need to know her real name.

Gharam has been crowned as the most beautiful Jordanian singer, by Sawsan Al Sayyed in her program "Malikat" on Hiya TV, where she has been appreciated for her work.

As for her releases, the girl has shot a video clip for her song "Saddikni" which was banned from being broadcast for political reasons.

The video clip includes hot scenes and sexy shows of girls who dance in the mud and at the same time views from the devastating war that has been prevailing in the Arab countries for years.

Many people say that Gharam looks like the famous Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe. However, Gharam refuses this resemblance, and states that she is much younger than Haifa and that each has her own style.

Also accused of imitating Dana’s video clip, Gharam cannot break the Jordanian traditions on her own, and gets disappointed when she sees that the Jordanian public accepts Lebanese artists as they are but complain about Jordanian singers.

Indeed, the beautiful lady is working hard to prove to her fans that she is unique. The day will come when the Jordanian singer will assure her country, Jordan, that through her music and style, she will succeed more than anyone else.

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