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The Eastern Star

Guy Manoukian is an Armenian-Lebanese musician, composer and pianist, born in 1976 in Beirut. This young contemporary Mozart began playing piano at the age of 4, and appeared on television at 6 years. Barely a year later, was he invited to play at the presidential palace to Amine Gemayel. He composed his first piece of music at 8, for which he won a competition and win an important gift, a Yamaha piano, brand for which he remained faithful all his life.

He forgets not his Armenian and American teachers whom have enriched his early inspiration, and to whom he owes his love for music. Yet this young virtuoso that the Lebanese press describes as " a Star of the East shining throughout the world, hesitated between basketball and music for a moment. He finally chose his art to which he dedicated himself, and keeps a place in his heart for his title of basketball player in the Lebanese Basketball League.

He gave his first solo concert at the age of sixteen. "I expected to see 400 people, but they were 1000 to attend. It warmed my heart and inspired me to give the best of me. " It’s in that moment that he realized for sure that he is meant to be a musician. Today, with his diverse musical culture, this incredibly smooth mixture between Armenian and Arabic melodies, Guy has built a reputation as in his own country as internationally.

Although he takes time to study law, the appeal of the music remains the strongest. He plays concert after concert around the world, first in Sydney, Australia, and Santiago, Chile, and Cuba, and then he records with big names, in particular, A Tour with Wyclef Jean and Raoul Di Blazio and Mario Reyes of the Gypsy Kings. The concert he offered his audience at the Cairo Opera House was full.

He was rewarded many times for his work, beginning with the Armenian Music Award he received in Los Angeles, the price Harem that he obtained in Lebanon in 2002, the best Dance Album of the Arabian Music Awards in Dubai in 2003. Guy Manoukian founded the production company for Manoukian music, who specializes in the design and sound effects for movies. The company also creates great concepts for emerging artists aired on television and radio.

He also recorded several albums that have conquered the public, such as Senses in 1999, Sarab published in 2003, Live in Cairo in 2005 and his last, Assouman, released in 2009. His music has also been included in many major musical productions such as The "Projet REG " (2001), "L’Arabie Night" (2006), Bellylicious (2006), "experience de l’Egypte" (2006), " Ultimate Discotheque Orientale "(2007)," Fashion TV Arabia "(2007).

Note also his constant presence at the inauguration of great fashion boutiques, as Jaeger LeCoultre, Saks Fifth Avenue or the FashionTV Arabia .. In 2010 in particular, Guy Manoukian was appointed as the friend of Jaeger-LeCoultre. This well known brand held a cocktail party in Lebanon to announce their association and their product line. Asked about his music, Guy Manoukian says rightly: "I found in the Armenian culture, source of my existance and my music." He added: "My music is modern in its arrangement, but classical in spirit."

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