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Hany Shaker is an Egyptian singer, born in Cairo on December 21,1952.

As a child, he showed a great passion for music. Therefore his parents enrolled him in Piano classes. After graduating from high school, he started learning music in the prestigious Conservatory of Cairo. In 1972, Hany Shaker had the opportunity to be a successful singer with the song "Heloua Ya Dounia" written by the great lyricist Mohamed Elmogy.

Music legends such as Farid El Atrache, Abd El Halim Hafez, Oum kalthoum, and Mohamed Abdel Wahab were performing at the time. Nevertheless, they greatly supported him. Until now he claims that he owes his success to Abd El Halim Hafez as his first public appearance was when he sang with Abd El Halim Hafez Choral group.

His first hits such as "Sibouni Ahebb", "Kesma W Nasibb" and "Kida Bardou Ya Kamar" had a great success and were considered very amazing to many of his fans. He co-worked with several composers such as Salah Alchernoubi, Baligh Hamdi, Mourad Mounir, Elias Rahbani and others. He produced over 29 albums through his career.

Hany Shaker is an actor as well and he acted in several movies such as "Sayed Darwish" where he played the role of the famous singer. Now, Hany Shaker still performs in most music festivals, still has a great remarkable voice and still keeps a beautiful smile on his face.

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