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Hassan El Asmar is an Egyptian popular artist born in Egypt on October 21,1959. Hassan is a Chaabi music icon in Egypt. Translated into English, Chaabi music means popular music that touches the very poor and popular suburbs of Egypt.

He has released many albums such as: “Mawal Omri”, “Hila Hila”, “Tager Al Sabr”, “Asmariat”, “Ala fein Ya Hawa”, “Kitab Hayati”, and “Ah Ya Albak”.

Hassan El Asmar is also an actor. He played in two movies ‘Leila Sakhina’ with Nour Cherif and Sayed Zayan in 1994, and ‘Ziyarat Assayed Arrais’ with Mahmoud Abdelaziz.

He also released many video clips that drew admiration from the audience such as “Yabni”, “Bahlam”, “Anaa Ahwa”, and “Salwny”. Along with Ahmed Adawiya and Chaaban Abderrahim, he is one of the most admired artists of the Chaabi music in Egypt.

Hassan El Asmar died in august 2011.

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