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Houcine Amer Trabelsi, best known with the name Houcine Amer El Efrit , is a Tunisian singer born in 1968 in Tunis. He shows real talent for singing from an early age.

Endowed with strong voice distinguishing him significantly from other singers, he integrated the national conservatoire of music in Tunis and became a professional artist in 1995. He acquired, in addition, a various musical culture with strong tendency towards Tunisian great figures that marked the musical scene, in particular Ali Riahi, Hedi Jouini and Cheikh El Ifrit of whom he borrowed the name.

Moreover, Houcine collaborated many times with well-known singers and musical groups. He recorded till now 3 albums, with not less than 25 beautiful songs, 8 of them recorded as video clips, broadcasted in the biggest Arabic TV channels. We know, namely, the albums "Khaef" and "Nouraniyat Wa Efritiyat", which won great success in his country as well as in the international.

He produced, too, many concerts around the Tunisian country but also in many Europe countries, in Canada, in Iraq and in Morocco. Each time he had a majestic success, imposing him to his public as a great stature singer with the quality of his artistic works, the beauty of his sang texts and his unique voice.

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