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Named as Howaida Youssef , she was born in 1977, in Syria.

The female singer started her singing career as a member of her school chorale, and also by performing at school special events.

At the age of 14, she performed along with Dr Ramy Haddad in Latakia, Syria.

In 1996, she participated in Alep’s festival where she performed her Syrian folkloric song entitled “M’andam Aaleik” by which she introduced her strong voice to a larger audience. Later on, she started producing her private songs.

In 1998, Howaida signed with the famous label Rotana pro, to produce her albums “Aghrab” in 1998, “Nary” in 2000, “Dalelny” in 2001, “Aala mine” in 2003, and “Gany Tany” in 2005.

All along her career, Howaida has shot 20 of her hits as video clips. Yet, some misunderstandings with Rotana label pushed her not to renew the contract.

Howaida toured many Arab countries such as Morocco where she performed on the stages of Agadir, Marrakech and Casablanca, and got acquainted with many Moroccan artists.

The artist’s family commitments and her giving birth to a baby girl, made her quit the singing scene.

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