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Humam Ibrahim is an Iraqi singer born on August 5, 1981 in Baghdad. He comes from an artistic family, his father Aljibouri is an artist painter and his mother Khayrya Aboud is a TV shows director. Since his childhood, he was a passionate of singing and playing lute. Humam studied music at the institute superior of music along with his role among “Babel” troupe to maintain Iraqi patrimony. He, too, founded the troupe “Alf Lila wa Lila” directed by the musician Salim Hussein and represented Iraq in many Arab and world festivals.

In 2004, after a trip to Lebanon, Human participated in a contest for new talents in “Star Club” broadcasted on the New TV channel and was awarded the first prize. This first experience was the beginning of his artistic career because he signed, after this winning, his first contract for two years with Rotana company for production and distribution, releasing then his first album “Humam” in 2006 and his first video clip “9albi w 9albak” sung in Iraqi dialect.

He decided, later, to devote himself for the recording of his video clips notably the song “baddi 9 oullak” in Lebanese dialect, the patriot song “La Yahoummouka ya Watan” and the traditional song “Mali Chaghl Bissou9” with the participation of a Lebanese DJ. He released, also, a single “Dakkirni”.

At the end of the initial term of his contract with Rotana, he decided to stop their collaboration specifying that: “Rotana is a known company with a good reputation but its deal with artist isn’t the same for all of them so I prefer quit this collaboration and look for another company which will supports me and makes me reach my objectives...” It’s in 2011 when Humam released his second album “Khalli Balak”, produced by Music Nation Company including 11 songs.

He collaborated with the author Alyassya for the songs “Khalli BalaK”, “Gharib” and “Khassara” he composed; with the author Hazem Jabr and the composer Moudfir Al Amir for the songs “Ya 3omri” and “Rayeh”; and, too, with the author Anouar Makkaoui and the composer Mohamed 3id for the song “3adi Wchou Sar”. His song “Mali Hadd” written by Alyassya and composed by Walid Achmi was recorded in video clip with the participation of the director Adib Almoufti.

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