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Essa Al Kubaisi is a male Qatari singer from the city of Doha.

Essa has been officially active since the year 1996 till today. His first album “Aghar” of 1996, includes great titles like “Lahthat Ghadab” and “Hala Bek”. Essa is considered as one of the new generation’s best artists ever, along with Mansour Al Mahnadi, Faraj Abdulkarim, Ali Abdulsattar, and Fahd Al kubaisi.

Altogether, they hold the torch of the Qatari music future and incarnate the hope to export Qatari music abroad. In 1997, Essa’s second album “Shlonak Habibi” made a great success in the Gulf and Arab music world. In 1998, he released “AL Theeb” ?, which was followed, 4 years later, by the great album “Rahat Al Forsa”. The latest album of Essa, “Rawig Al Bal” of 2005, includes 10 titles like “Makan” and “Ygolo”.

Although there is a generation gap in the Qatari artistic scene between the old conservatives and the new innovative generations, Essa is one of the great singers to succeed in linking the musical heritage of the oldies with the innovation efforts of the new era. Essa has performed in Dubai music festival, Cairo festival, and Doha International festival. His performance and efforts are recognized and respected by critics and musicians as unerring.

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