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Kamal El Abdi is a Moroccan Chaabi artist, born in Bni Mellal, in the city of Khoribga and raised in Casa Blanca.

He is considered as one of the most favorite artists for the new generation.

Kamal’s rhythms, voice and presence on stage helped him spread his name and become famous all over Morocco and also worldwide. He started his career with the label “Fen and Music production”, with the release of the album “Masadektiche”, followed by “Chinwla” and “Altalian Bled Al Rajala” under the same label.

The year 2010 is considered as one of the most active years in Kamal’s career. Indeed, he performed in over 10 great public parties, shot and released over 12 music video clips, including the hit single “Chkoun inti”.

Kamal’s unforgettable albums started with “Derti louraq w etmekenti” released on july 1st, 2007, then his “Best of Kamal 2008”, produced by Simo phone, and his “Kamal ElAbdi -volume 2” of 2009.

The son of Morocco is considered as one of the top Chaabi artists along with Stati, Said Senheji, Daoudi, and Elmardi. One of his greatest hits in 2010 is “Waya Khiuti” and also “Ma Aandich”.

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