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Karim Ahmed Ibrahim as known as Karim Manqoba Singer, Actor, Composer and Poet.

He started his carrier when he attended the school musical group where he learned the song’s basics. Then at University, he attended the theater group and later on he joined the well known artist Mohamed Sobhi’s group as an actor and singer. He started his singing career with a song entitled "Mesh Mesadak" and prepared an album including several songs such as "Wa Atariha", "Rah Khalas", "Ma Bethesish", "Law Albak", "Helm Teqil", "Teflet 2050" and "Akher Haga".

He video clipped "Teflet 2050" which gained the admiration of all facebook viewers. At the beginning he was using his own name Karim El Sherif, but being in two fields (acting and singing) Mr. Mohamed Sobhi chose for him the name Karim Manqoba, which originally is his mother’s family name. In the field of acting, he had his first appearance in the TV serial "Al Kheyoul Tenam Waqefa" with the actor Reyad El Khouly and actress Nermine El Feqi. Then he played in the serial "Yawmeyat Wanis we Ahfadoh" with Mohamed Sobhi.

Then the serial "Mozakarat Harami" with the actor Haggag Abdel Azim; then "Fondok Sabaa Negoum" and "Samehni Ya Zaman" with Poussy, Sabrina and Samir Sabri and "El Dali 3" with the big actor Nour El Sherif. He has a serial ready to be broadcast in Ramadan, entitled "Farah El Omda" with the actress Ghada Adel. Now he is getting prepared to shoot his role in the serial "Alaab Khatera" to be directed by Nader Galal and "El Safaa" with the actor Sherif Mounir, to be directed by Magdy Abu Emera .

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