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Khaled Aggag is an Egyptian artist born at Myt Gamr-Dahgaliya, Egypt, on July 23, 1962 .

In the music industry, Khaled is considered as one of the best sentimental singers, not only on the national level, but also on the Arab world level, as his touching songs, like “Fih Nas”, succeeded to overcome the Egyptian boarders.

During his career, he started performing in wedding events, public gatherings and private parties, just like many other singers.

He is considered as a great pop artist due to the fact that his lyrics are inspired from the real life scenes. After a great effort locally, he drew the attention of the Rotana music label, and soon signed a recording deal with the house.

Khaled released “Hakeka waheda” in 2002, “Youm” 2004, “Ala Ad hali” in 2006, all under the Rotana label.

His most famous hits are: “wahdani”, “wala dama’a”, “Men leil Elhira”, and “Aizini ansak”.

The artist also shot great video clips such as “Asaab hob”, “wala”, and “Men layale El Hirah”.

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