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Khaled Salama Al Quizane is a singer Saudi city of Hail, considered one of the most famous singers in Saudi Arabia.

Khaled is one of the pioneers of the third generation of popular singers. The generation that has modernized this kind of song and made it famous, with singers like Saad Jemaa, Nader Al Kassab, Aaqla Al Fqihi and Haïlien Khaled Salama, Abdallah Al Salam et Fahd Abd Al Mohsen.

Khaled learns the popular song and lute, under the great singer Fahd Abd Al Mohsen, he was at the time 16. Fahd's style and talent had a profound effect on Khaled. But it's singer Wahid Al-Jazeera that leaves his mark on the style of singing and lute playing of Khaled.

His fame began with his first two songs, "Khalass ya Mdawer Al Aadhar" et "Men Warae Al Qodhban", composed by himself, and written by Fahd Abd Al Karim. Khaled worked during his career with many other poets such as Saïd Al Saâdi, Othman Al Mejrad, Ali Al Saadi, Ali Mohsen Al Ali,… He now has now a 300 songs repertoire, but many home his songs haven't been recorded.

It is also important to note that all the family Al Quizane is rooted in the folk song. His brother "Torki Salama", alias "Abu Haydar", is a well known percussionist, and his other brother "Salama Tarek", alias "Abu Rahf" is a very talented organ player. It is said that when the three are combined, no one can surpass their talent. Khaled Salama still continues to make richer, the Saudi folk music.

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