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Lounes Khleoui is considered as one of the most prominent Algerian Kabyle folklore artists, in addition to his being a talented poet and a gifted ‘Mandole’ player (a string instrument, North-African in general and Algerian in particular, the invention of which goes back to the Algerian artist ‘El Hadj Mohamed El Anka).

The artist was born in the village of Taddart-Tamqrant, which gave birth to many Algerian icons like Cheikh El Hasnaoui and others. The village is also considered rich with its musical heritage.

Known by his simplicity, sensitivity and wisdom, the artist devoted himself to preserve, develop and spread the Algerian folklore, as well as to make it known all over the Arab world. This was through the several concerts he participated in, and through his hopeful and optimistic songs of his own composition and lyrics.

During the 1970’s, Lounes recorded various albums, including his most successful and famous songs of his career, like “Sebah”, “Lfrah”, “Yghar”, and “Aharok”. These achievements, made him a real unforgettable Algerian icon.

In his lifetime career, Lounes cooperated with many Algerian legends, like “Mohamed Alawa”, and others.

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