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Majd El Kassem is a Syrian singer.

He was born on May 4th, 1961 as Meedhad kassem Alaoui in Souayda Province to a poor family of 11 members. He was fond of music but his family’s situation did not allow him to buy his own instrument. Nevertheless, they gave him the love, mutuality and care which helped outline his sensitive and romantic personality. He used to watch his older brother Saoud play the "Oud" instrument, and the latter gave him the "Oud" as a gift. His first teacher was the maestro Michel Awad who taught him how to play "Oud".

At the same time, Majd learned the classical poetry which helped him later in his artistic career. Majd’s first appearance was in school events in Damascus as a singer, but later he had a successful participation in the radio show the "Amateur club" which was followed by a trip to Egypt, where he decided to learn music.

The great artist Sayed Makkawi, whom he met in Syria, advised him to travel to Cairo and build his career starting from there. Unfortunately, his first trip in June 1990 was unsuccessful. But Majd never lost faith till he got his first chance from Sayed Makkawi who composed the song "Tir Ya Janah Ecchoukk". He also met Majda Alsubahii , the owner of Sawt Alhob Label who helped him a lot in his career debut.

In 1993, he released an album entitled "Ma Bidi" including 8 great songs, but, unfortunately it failed due to the lack of promotion. He then released several albums in the following years such as: "Amrak Habibi" in 1999, "Laibtak" in 2003, "Ahmalak Liya" in 2009, and also "Ayoub" in 2010. His first appearance as an actor will be in 2011 in a series about the legend Farid Al Atrach in which he promises a great performance that meets the legacy of the legend himself.

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