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The Majesty of Moroccan Sufi singing

A young prodigy of the Moroccan Sufi song, Marouane Hajji was born in 1987 in Fes, the Moroccan spiritual capital. Today a composer and performer, Marouane showed still young unreleased abilities for religious singing. He was then guided during his music training by the great master of the association “Al Imam Al Bousari”.

Later he became the student of Cheikh Haj Mohammed Bennis at the Rachidite Medersa located in Echarratine and joined the teaching of distinguished professors of the music conservatoire of Fes. With the association he performed many times during ceremonies and musical parties. His talent made him awarded the first prize at the third session of the national festival of Choristers in Fes in 1998.

Since then, Marouane never stopped charming his fans on national and international festival stages, namely the national festival of Andalusia music in Fes, the festival of Zaouïas in Safi, the festival of sacred world music and of the Sufi culture in Fes in 2008 and then the international festival Casa-Andalusia.

In 2007, he brilliantly gained the second place during the second edition of the Charika Choristers contest in the Emirates. He met henceforth many great international artists and started creating a troupe of instrument and chorale masters called Ikhwane Al Fane. The target of this troupe was the Andalusia music preservation and its connection with Sufi singing.

Marouane performed till now a great number of titles in particular on TV or radio programs. His first album “Wadae Al Andalouss” recorded with the collaboration of the famous artist Abderrahim Amrani Marrakchi, came to life in 2010. Marouane showed in without hesitation a majestic voice and ecstatic Sufi singing.

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