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Marwan Khoury is a Lebanese composer famous singer, born in 1968. His name sounds in Arabic books of musicology and the compilation of songs by stars in the Middle East.

Very young, he studied musicology in his native country, specifically the piano and music history at the University of the Holy Spirit - Kaslik in 1986. Studious student, he won the first prize in composition, as Lebanese President Amin Gemayel at the time gave him in person. He began his career writing lyrics and melodies for other artists such as Asalah Nasri, Najwa Karam, Majida El Roumi and Nawal Al Zoghbi for whom he composed the two songs "Tia" and "Dalaouna". Parallel to this, he played for the other celebrities Lebanese concerts as a pianist.

"Kasak Habibi" was his first single, however, mark a turning point in his artistic career. The success of this first title will get him to compose and produce two consecutive albums: "Khayal El Omr" (2003), which includes 7 tracks, and "Kel El Qasayed" (2004). For the first album, Marwan received a Golden Murex for Best Composer for the song "Ya Shoq" whose video clip was directed by his brother Claude Khoury, artistic director.

"Asr El Shoe" is the name of his third album. It contains 9 songs all signed by him. Some consider that this is certainly the most accomplished work of Lebanese artist because of his romantic touch and innovation in the Arabic song. The output of this third album, "Asr El Shoe"(2006) has definitively confirmed the role of Marwan in the Lebanese pop industry.

During his career, Marwan Khoury has written songs for many artists such as: Fadel Shaker, Shireen Abdul Wahab, Saber Rebai, Carole Samaha, Najwa Karam, Myriam Fares, Nawal Al Zoghbi, Asalah Nasri, Cheb Mami, Elissa and Majida El Roumi.

In 2008, he released his album "Ana We Leil" with Rotana. He collaborated for the first time with Dany Khoury in the organization of the whole album, especially after the success of "Ya Rab". The album made ​​huge sales figures and was number one in the charts for several weeks.

In 2010, Marwan Khoury collaborates with Rotana for the release of his album "Rajain." It was not until the year 2012 for the launch of a single "Kena Etafakna." The song received a quick success and was filmed as a video clip by the director Claude Khoury.

In 2013, he released two singles: "Albak Ala Albi" and the song "Al Aad Al Aaksi" of the TV series "Loaabat El Mawt."

Marwan Khoury has participated in many concerts and festivals in Lebanon and the Arab world, including the Carthage Festival, Mawazine and the Opera House in Egypt...

In November 2013, Marwan launched his single "Mich Aam Bitrouhi Min Bali" during an episode of the ninth edition of "Star Academy".

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