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Born in Algeria in 1956 in a village Taourit Moussa, Matoub Lounes is a very charismatic singer in the Kabyle community.

A career as a singer in tears

Matoub Lounes is an artist who lives his career among many problems that are caused due to his political and social ideologies. He cannot separate his songs from his opinions and frankness of mind which caused him to tragic consequences in his life.

The courage of Matoub Lounes and his fights

Matoub honors the independence fighters such as Kabyle and contempt the Algerian government with his songs such as "A Yizem anda Tellid" or "O lion où es-tu ? ". He accuses the new leaders of the time of the Algeria war, a usurpation of authority in the former government. But also, to have abolished freedom of expression that was present before the war. In addition, there is a strong advocate of conservation of the dialects of the Berber language. During these rebellions, in 1988, a policeman seriously injured him.

Tests that inspire

After recovering, he draws on that experience to write a new album "L’ironie du sort" in 1989. Lounes perseveres in his fight against Islamist terrorism. He condemns murders of several intellectuals, which is the straw that broke the camel as the commandos eventually kidnapped him in 1994. All the Kabyle community mobilizes to his release before he was sentenced and protests and cries of rebellion in the streets of Algiers, he was eventually got released. This new test encourages him to write an autobiography, "Le rebelle". Following the publication of his novel, he was invited to France to receive the award “La mémoire” directly from the former French president's wife, Danielle Mitterrand.

Matoub received numerous awards

In 1995, he began his new fight for freedom of humanity with his opposition to the death penalty, he decided to better realize this opinion the best part in the march of branches in Italy, and Canada to receive a new award, the Freedom of Expression.

A tragic end

But his life ended tragically, he was found dead in 1998 along the route of Tizi Ouzou in Kabylia. To this day, the murderers were never found. His funeral was worthy of a President of the Republic involving more than one hundred thousand people. His latest album "Lettre ouverte aux ... "is released post-mortem. Published a few weeks after his murder, you can listen to the national anthem of Algeria and his message against this government that he has tried to denounce to his last breath.

One of the quotes Matoub Lounes at the end of his life

"But peace will reborn one day and my songs among you will celebrate the spring so dear to our hearts again .." Matoub Lounes.

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