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Mohamed Abu El Ela is born in Agust 2, 1986.

Member of the Syndicate of musical professions, and the Cairo University theater chorus, he studied Arabic music at the Balloon Theater. He started his career as a composer and musical poet in the year 2004 and wrote and composed 36 songs for young singers and in 2009 he started singing and his first song called "Sadakini" was video clipped and broadcast on the Lebanese "Shababik channel".

In 2010, he issued his 1st album entitled "Halna Wahed" the songs of which were written in cooperation of the poet Khaled Sami, also the poet Mohamed Hamed composed the duo song that he interpreted with the Moroccan singer Samia. Afterwards, he prepared 2 single songs the one of which entitled Baladi was clipped in 2011 was dealing about the Egyptian revolution. Actually, he is writing a movie film entitled "Begad Malouch Hall", the story is about events before and during the revolution and after from his point of view as a writer.

He will also write the songs of the film, which he spoke about when hosted by Cecile on Cairo channel. Mohamed will record two new songs entitled "Ana Enssan" and "Khalli Aandak Shakhsseya". Mohamed has been chosen as best voice in 2010 for his song "Ana Maftikirch" as a result, he was hosted by the radio broadcaster Mohamed El Mahdi at radio Rotana FM.

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