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Mohamed Lamine , an Algerian Rai music singer, born in December 4, 1970 in the city of Algiers.

He started his career in 1984 following his appearance on the TV broadcast “Alhane wachababe”, by the end of which he deserved the first prize. His first single “Sidi Taleb”was a great hit that led to the discovery of his talent, and powerful voice.

He kept active during 20 years, but with a slow rhythm. In 2004, he recorded a track collaboration with Magic system and 113 under the title “Gaou a Oran», then with the rapper Rohff and cheba Maria in the single “Mon Bled”. In the same year 2004, he released the bestselling hit single “Ntya”.

In 2006, he released the song “Loin du rivage”, with the artist Nessbeal, and also “Twahachtek bezzaf baghi n’choufek”, with Latifa Rafaat. The next year 2007 marked the release of the single “Mamamiya” with Redatek.

Mohamed Lamine started travelling all over the world following his successful releases, and audio activities. He performed concerts in Canada, France, Belgium, Holland, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, South Korea, and USA.

In 2008, he released the album “African Tonik” in collaboration with Mokobé, Dj Arafat, and Morie Konté. In 2009, he released the great album “Taali”, and last but not least we have to mention the album of tribute to Cheb Hasni entitled “Kassi Kassi”.

He is currently residing in France.

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