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Naim El Cheikh is a Syrian artist coming from Al Rastan of Homs governorate.

According to his fans, Naim came to music when his beloved left him. Because of that his name is found in many songs with melancholic melodies.

He released till now 10albums: "Khassaret Kol Al Nes", "Amsah Doumouak Habibi", "Tal Al Sobh", "Bass Samaa Meni", « Saher Al Layl ", "Ya Ritek", "Ma Bayeak Birakhis", "Dabaket Ala Nar", "Qalbi wa Massabou" and "Attahadi", all produced by Warda Sound.

Naim made many recordings of his concerts in south Lebanon, in Anjar, El Alia, Tripoli, Aïn Hilal, etc. He has in his favour a repertoire rich with emotions where he depicts continually the suffering of rejected lovers.

Among his well-known songs we quote "Khabar Zifafiha", "Marat Al Ayam", "Anki Qalou", "Daawat Farah", "Qalbi wa Massabou", " Arjouki ya Bneya", "La Ya Habibi", "Mashi B’nour Allah".

He sang, too, some patriotic songs like "Ya Chaab Ya Sonna", "Baad Ayni Nasr Allah", "Men Nasr Allah Laayouna", "Ya Ali", "Ya Hassan Ya Hassine". His last song was released at the beginning of 2011 and its title is "Rah Taq".

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